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De Drie Dennen
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De Drie Dennen úw topSlijter 100% craftsmanship


Offers 11 of October till the 31th of October

All offersOffers 11 of October till the 31th of October

Fine Taste Good Living

Rum, a complete drink

There are different types of rum and more than 40 countries of origin, including the Netherlands.

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After dinner drinks

Tips instead of dips

With these tips you will in any case no longer suffer from an after dinner dip!

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Wine of the Year 2021

Vinum has been specially selected for your topSlijter and is on offer all year round, 6 bottles for only 29.99 euros!

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Cépage or assemblage

When a wine consists of several grape varieties, it is an assemblage. A wine that consists of a single grape variety is called a cépage.

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High Beer

New trend in Holland

The latest trend in the field of drinks is a High Beer. This is similar to a beer tasting, but less serious and informative.

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Saving actions topSlijter

Saving for beautifull glaswork

The Baroli series is characterized by the very high quality and beautiful finish of the glasses.

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